Oneida County
Diversion Program

About the Program

Oneida County faces many challenging issues due to the increasing number of individuals in our community with serious substance use disorders.  In 2019 a group formed to explore the Treatment or Family Court concept as a way to end the cycle of addiction and trauma.  The progress was delayed by the pandemic, but the group organized again in 2022 to explore the establishment of a CJCC.

To address the ongoing issues related to substance use, Oneida County began a Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC).  The CJCC applied for and received a Treatment Alternative and Diversion (TAD) grant to plan and implement a Diversion Program in 2023.  The CJCC is the oversight committee for our Diversion Program.

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion programs are evidence-based and include Diversion programs as well as Drug and Alcohol Treatment Courts.  These programs are based on the principle that problems that are fundamentally medical, such as substance use and mental health issues, are at the root of many crimes, and that these medical problems would be best addressed through provision of healthcare services rather than incarceration.

Substantial evidence links incarceration with poor health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities that last far beyond the period of confinement.  Formerly incarcerated individuals may experience limited opportunities for gainful employment, stable housing, education, and other conditions needed for good health.  The goal of our diversion program is to provide opportunities for individuals within the criminal justice system to improve their quality of life through facilitated recovery and community integration.

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