Oneida County CJCC
Membership List

Voting Membership

Honorable Michael H. Bloom
Branch II Judge Oneida County

Honorable Michael W. Schiek
Branch I Judge Oneida County

Jillian Pfeifer
District Attorney Oneida County

Grady Hartman
Oneida County Sheriff

Lloyd Gauthier
Rep of Chiefs of Police from Local Municipalities

Breanna Magallones
State Public Defender Oneida County

Carissa Hoefler
Department of Corrections Supervisor Oneida County

Mike Fugle
Corporation Counsel

Mary Rideout, Vice Chair
Social Services Director

Tamara Feest
Human Services Center Executive Director

Linda Conlon
Health Department Director

Steven Schreier, Chair
County Board Representative

Tom Kelly
County Board Representative

Non-Voting Invited Community Liasons

Brenda Behrle
Clerk of Court

Angie Fanning
Domestic Violence Professional / Private Defense Attorney / School District Representative

Mother Meredyth Albright
Ministry Representative

Crystal Schaub
Medical Examiner / Tribal Representative

Michelle T. Kovachich
VJO/HCRV Specialist Oscar G Johnson VA Medical Center

Brenda Lee
Social Services, Juvenile Justice Supervisor

Tom Eernisse
Social Services, Child Support Supervisor

Kate Ferrel
Representative for Higher Education

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